Book review: W. Rostow – The Dynamics of Soviet Society

Groningen, a.d. VI Non. Mai. MMDCCLXXII A.U.C., This 246 pages long book gives a short introduction to the (dys)functioning of Soviet society up and to 1952, as seen from the viewpoint of the American historian Rostow in 1954. Peculiarly, he was not an expert on this topic, he wrote the book based on conversations and... Continue Reading →


Leiden, a.d. VI Ian. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., Four days ago the Telegraph published an article in which several European populist parties are accused of being supported by the Kremlin. The organiczars organizers of the Dutch referendum on the association treaty with Ukraine are among the accused (more on this topic). Accidentally, two weeks ago I wrote this draft: "For... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Inner “Моногород” Time Bombs and the Need for Industrial Reform

London, a.d. VI Id. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., One of the most recognizable legacies of the Soviet Union within Russia are the numerous single-industry cities (монопрофильные города or моногорода). During the 2009 economic crisis in Russia, these monotowns were included in the political agenda as a potential source of social unrest. Given Russia’s current economic challenges,... Continue Reading →

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