Keynesian Policy by Default: How Political Gridlock Leads the Dutch Government to Pay Off its Debts

Makineia, a.d. VII Id. Jul. MMDCCLXX A.U.B., As per the 19th of July, more than four months after the parliamentary elections, Dutch political parties have not yet formed a new government, leaving the 'demissionary' second Rutte cabinet as a caretaker government. Seeing the close relation between executive and legislature in the Dutch parliamentary system -... Continue Reading →


One, Two, Three, Four, Can I Have a Little More?

For political scientists something very exciting is going on in Spain right now. But, I think it is also interesting for people who are generally interested in how politics and societies work. Spain traditionally had a two-party system at the national level, so a system in which only two political parties have a real chance... Continue Reading →

GroenLinks and its Failing Strategy

Leiden, a.d. XV Kal. Dec. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., Today the UN Conference on Climate Change has started in Paris. In expectation of this, last week the Labour party (PvdA) and 'Green Left' (GroenLinks) announced a plan to cut CO2 emissions by 95% compared to 1990 by 2050. This would be a major change to the current Dutch environmental policies, because... Continue Reading →

Trump is going to be trumped

As Popper argued, we need to make bold predictions, so we can learn from our mistakes. My prediction is that Trump will not win the Republican primaries for two reasons. Firstly, while Trump is leading in the polls of the Republican primaries now, he is not close to a majority. Many voters support thirteen other candidates,... Continue Reading →

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