‘Taxation Is The Weapon Against Inequality’

Leiden, a.d. V Kal. Feb. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., "Taxation is the weapon against inequality," do you know that expression? According to Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, taxation is the weapon agaisnt the outrageous inequality in developing countries today. I agree with her that inequality in developing countries is absolutely of unethical proportions, but I doubt... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Joseph Schumpeter — The Sociology of Imperialism

Leiden, a.d. XIV Kal. Ian. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., A couple of weeks ago I found this old gem in a book shelf of my granddad, so I decided to give it a try. Originally published in 1919, and republished in 1951, The Sociology of Imperialism aims to explain why imperialism exists. The 'problem' for Schumpeter is that... Continue Reading →

What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us!?

Leiden, a.d. XIV Kal. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., I love Romans. I know they were brutal sexist imperialists, who remorselessly butchered and enslaved entire peoples, they had a slave based economy, they had crazy, nay absolutely completely and indubitably lunatic emperors etc. etc. etc. Yet, at the same time, they built an impressive civilization, had a surprisingly modern economy,... Continue Reading →

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