Climate-charged Democracy?

Could climate change lead to more democracy? Under specific circumstances, yes. Read all about it in my blog post for David Zetland's awesome blog series (and soon to be book) Life Plus 2 Meters:


Catalonian Independence and Constitutional Amendments

Just some short thoughts on the Catalonian referendum on independence.   1. I've said this before, about Brexit and about the referendum that legitimized Erdogan's autocracy, but I'll repeat it. Referendums with a simple majority (50 percent of the vote +1) as a threshold on constitutional issues may be democratic, but they are not legitimate... Continue Reading →

Why We Need Larger Legislatures

Leiden, a.d. V Id. Aug. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., A basic principle in constitutional design has long been separation of power, the idea that by introducing checks and balances in the political system no single actor or group can take over the country. As James Madison put it: "Ambition must be made to counteract ambition." While there are... Continue Reading →

Mea Culpa, sed Illorum Maxima Culpa

Amsterdam, a.d. V Kal. Iun. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., A couple of months ago I predicted that Trump would not win the Republican primaries. I was fully convinced that Trump's competitors would coordinate their candidacies in order to prevent a Trump candidacy. In other words, I thought that as soon as became clear who would be the... Continue Reading →

Erdogo, Erdobegone, Erdogan

Leiden, a.d. III Non. Apr. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., Yesterday Chancellor Merkel decided to let public prosecutors prosecute the German comedian Böhmermann for this rather juvenile poem, at the request of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, AKA The Mustache, AKA Sultan Erdogan. The poem discusses how Erdogan bombs Kurds, locks up journalists, shuts down free speech, and worst of... Continue Reading →

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