Opportunity Costs and Compensation for Delay

Somewhere between Almere and Amsterdam, prid Id. Jul. MMDCCLXXI A.U.C. As a frequent traveler between Groningen (job at the university there) and the area around Leiden (friends, family) I often use the train. Unfortunately the rail connection between the North of the country and the west is highly unstable, so I often have long delays.... Continue Reading →

Risk and the Gender Pay Gap

Groningen, Non. Jul. MMDCCLXXI A.U.C., A former prof of mine recently posted this interesting blog post on the relation between risk and the gender pay gap. In short, he argues the following. As an employer it is easy to not hire women, or to offer lower wage, when they get pregnant, because it is very... Continue Reading →

Constitutions and Redistribution

Groningen, a.d. III Kal. Jul. MMDCCLXXI A.U.C., Currently I am reading the Federalist Papers, which defend the new constitution of the United States of America in 1787, at the same time as reading¬†Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy¬†by Albertus and Menaldo. Reading them together gave me a new insight (others probably have thought it... Continue Reading →

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