Book Review: Ha-Joon Chang — Economics: The User’s Guide

Leiden, a.d. XVI Kal. Apr. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., In 'Economics: The User's Guide' Ha-Joon Chang shows his readers that there are more ways to look at economics than the neoclassical method, the right wing branch of which is usually referred to as 'neoliberalism'. The first part of the book first shows what economics as a discipline has achieved in... Continue Reading →

Corporate Governance As If People Mattered

Leiden, a.d. VIII Id. Mar. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., Climate change, smog, oil spillage, to name just a few typical examples of negative externalities, are some of the main reasons people oppose capitalism and multinationals. Concluding that companies often harm people is not a Nobel prize winning claim, the million dollar question is how we can make companies... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Henry Kissinger — World Order

Leiden, a.d. XIII Kal. Mar. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., At the age of 92, Henry Kissinger, head of the National Security Council and secretary of state of the USA during the Vietnam War, is still as productive as ever. Last year he wrote what some have called his summa diplomatica: 'World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the... Continue Reading →

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