The Coal Fired Power Plant Quagmire

  Leiden, a.d. XVI Kal. Feb. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., A few weeks ago the Dutch lower house (Tweede Kamer) decided to start phasing out coal fired power plants (CFPPs). Three energy companies, who recently built three CFPPs immediately threatened to sue the Dutch government for €6billion. This provides a good example of an issue I discussed in an... Continue Reading →


Leiden, a.d. VI Ian. MMDCCLXIX A.U.C., Four days ago the Telegraph published an article in which several European populist parties are accused of being supported by the Kremlin. The organiczars organizers of the Dutch referendum on the association treaty with Ukraine are among the accused (more on this topic). Accidentally, two weeks ago I wrote this draft: "For... Continue Reading →

The Dutch and Their Moral High (Ground)

Last week Saudi Arabia executed 47 people, causing a diplomatic row between Iran and several Arab Sunni countries. Immediately Dutch parliamentarians asked the Dutch government questions about this, and the Dutch government in turn sent its human rights ambassador to Riyadh. This is how I think the conversation between the Dutch envoy and the representative of... Continue Reading →

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