Independència/ Unthirldom: How Devolution Reinforced the Independence Movements

Leiden, a.d. XVII Kal. Oct. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., Yesterday were Catalonia's parliamentary elections. Several parties ran on a separatist platform, some of which are united in Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes, JxSí). JxSí has framed these parliamentary elections as a de facto referendum on Catalan independence. If a majority had voted for JxSí, President Mas, affiliated with... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Bombs And Oreo Cookies: How Political Science and Economics Are The Flip-Sides Of The Same Coin

Amsterdam, a.d. prid id. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., Both economics and political science study how groups make decisions about 'who gets what and when?', only in different circumstances with different decision making processes. The biggest difference between the two disciplines is that economics looks at how markets allocate thins and why they sometimes fail at doing that,... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Inner “Моногород” Time Bombs and the Need for Industrial Reform

London, a.d. VI Id. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., One of the most recognizable legacies of the Soviet Union within Russia are the numerous single-industry cities (монопрофильные города or моногорода). During the 2009 economic crisis in Russia, these monotowns were included in the political agenda as a potential source of social unrest. Given Russia’s current economic challenges,... Continue Reading →

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

Leiden, a.d. VIII Id. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., This post might be a bit... dry, because it is about monetary policy. However, I think it contains some important information on what is going on in Europe right now. So if you promise to read this, I will first treat you with a funny English song, and in the end I... Continue Reading →

What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us!?

Leiden, a.d. XIV Kal. Sep. MMDCCLXVIII A.U.C., I love Romans. I know they were brutal sexist imperialists, who remorselessly butchered and enslaved entire peoples, they had a slave based economy, they had crazy, nay absolutely completely and indubitably lunatic emperors etc. etc. etc. Yet, at the same time, they built an impressive civilization, had a surprisingly modern economy,... Continue Reading →

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